July 12, 2011 § 2 Comments


Violent regimes— tyrants with tireless schemes
these false fire breathing dragons blowing smoke and mirrors
have forgotten The Best of Planners
have forgotten the fate of scoundrels —their predecessors
they have forgotten their history lessons
of yesterday…

how have they forgotten the lessons
the results of transgressions of pharaohs and kings alike
what delirium serum have they swallowed
what lowest of lulls have they allowed themselves to fall under?

all red hands reprimanded
all red hands reprimanded
every coward with its head in the sand is
every coward with its head in the sand of his
deluded mirage is
plucked from there
and dropped into a pot of his own concoction
every plan is but a part of the Plan of Plans
and no one can stop it.

there is no secret in no vault not buried so deep that it cannot be unearthed

every coward with his fingers in his ears (and i’m talking to myself first here) is an accomplice
every ignorer of cries is an accomplice
every ignorer of cries within an earshot of cries is an ACCOMPLICE
and you will have your reward

every Goliath will taste the underside of his own foot
and he will never be satiated
all vermin will drink their own rabid foam
and they will never be satiated
every cheap trick conjurer

every oppressor every transgressor
were they to escape to some foreign land distant place
do they think they would not be greeted with the hideous face
of their own misdeeds are waiting for them there even!!!

i ask
what spell have they cast on themselves
i ask what hell have they cast themselves into
what dungeon what maze what labyrinth???

every crown topple from a corrupted crown
every puppet cut from his strings and lay as pile on the floor a pile fuel for a fire
every clown must be made to fall and break his crown of horns
ever devil impaled on his horns
every Hamman’s tower crumble
every coward made to humble himself

every plot must amount to not
but a plot inside of The plot of Plots
just ask the pharaoh
ask the pharaoh
who raised the bringer of his destruction in his own household his OWN household
ask him if he knew that his plots were but a plot against him own self
his own household
there is no mousehole no snake hole fox hole there is no billfold deep enough to buy your way out there is no place to trot on this globe the size of an atom that will not be combed emptied out and turned over and made to laid bare the actions that took place there

beware oppressors.



  • mansima says:

    feel the immediacy in the rhyme of the repitition. and i think the voice completely changes it’s shape. can u shoot a film for this or something. unrelated but here is a jam for you (via your special friend)

  • rangoato says:

    this is insane. i agree with ma
    by the way, ma, thanks for passin on the soul!

    “every coward made to humble himself”
    this line is so layered, i don’t even know what you high on.
    its insane, like really, really, insane. this is the closest thing to your visual art bro
    its coded, its open, its the beginning and the end
    the thing is, in Pedi, there is a proverb, it goes
    ‘Ga bo lefsega ga go lliwe’

    before i step out, i learned something from a close friend quite recently, tired of complaining about the racist nature of the visual art sector in my country and how shit wont change, transform…our dialogue went something like this:

    “the most important thing we can do as far is shit is concerned is to document our own shit”…. “in every-way”… “especially through writing
    one day, our children will make sense, historicise, theorise, revolutionise, who knows”

    peace be to you, these words will kill us and heal us
    thank you

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