there are things that need to be said.

July 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are things that need finishing.
There are a few things that need mentioning.

There are lines that go on for days for nothing and I’m in more than one.
This is more than fun
less than real.
There is something faint– familiar in the air I can’t place the feel.

There are blind-men-bluffing-seers.

There are those stuffing oneself in the taxidermy fashion
with passionless action.

There are dizzying intellects that drop dead chasing their own tail racing their own snail.
There are mistakes that I intend to repeat; I repeat there are mistakes I intend to repeat
no way around it.
There is hubris in us that we need to defeat.

There are two sides to every Story—the one who wins gets accredited with the official version of Glory.
There is more than one way to skin a cat—aclysm.
There are screws-loose-cannons turned 180 dodge THAT.
There is a Scrooge Mc-(sitting)-duckin most of us.

There are claws that need clipping.
There are jaws plus laws that need breaking.
There are bones to pick–
Start with the skeleton in your closet—hows that for a calcium deposit?

There are Axes to grind.
Magnets that attract mankind to unkind acts from time to time.
Law of the land hindsight perfect every time.

There is no unbelief disbelief, There is only self-deception for a brief period of time.
There is grime to be wiped away.
crime to be paid for.
Climbs to be made— more— wars to be waged for— floors that are trapdoors–pulled from under feet
standing on false pretenses
soar or sink in a blink if you 40 wink it.

There are lines that go on for days.
There are days that go on for years, years that go on for minutes moments that were seconds
that were went on to for an eternity
that were never let go of.

There is weight in every breath enough to skip a scale either way.
There is still a way.


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