on slaying the ego etc

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

and should u feel some need to wage war might i suggest that you
try waging war on your ego to begin with —there is a feat of strength
and a victory to prize with eyes wide open
try facing the floor with your forehead pouring your insides forth without remorse
leaving no place for pride to hide
out no back alleys no side routes
no wormholes to weasel through

leave no stone unturned in this manhunt woman hunt
be swift in striking down in holding to account in demanding recompense
from this thief who poaches the lands you worked so hard to till
from this brute king who seeks to seize your land by forceful will
and he is your lower self–it is no foreign threat
and so go and actively seek to check his aggression

and race towards good deeds as you would towards a cure for a disease
were you sick
because— understand you ARE sick
because your sister is because your brother is
and if one part of the body is sick then the whole body is sick.
indeed crawl if you have to
and there’s no need for lip service in this sincerity-vacuum—

so say “peace be upon you” and grasp what it means to truly want peace for someone
i mean peace be upon you
do like the dawn do—do like the dawn do with the night
what i mean is strike balance between striving for perfection
and being content with what you were blessed with.

expect little in return when you extend your hand
and you will be pleased with what comes back to you

and “read” because the substance that you sprung from was low
now look at you–a being who strives towards a destiny!!
if you want a bone to pick start with the skeletons in your closet

the ones with a mustard seed’s weight of arrogance in the heart
them too heavy to take flight and depart
from an earthly realm
sky’s too high to tuck into a a belt loop so stop trying to–
but do how the sky do

it is wise to stay alert and to be prepared
but to roam around with your sword unsheathed
is to invite war to your doorstep so please be alert of the energy that you send forth into the world

and should you feel the need to wage war–start with the ego first
for there is a victory to celebrate


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