maybe they were angels-

August 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Maybe they were angels –outside the mosque that night maybe they come down that night to see some things —the way that woman appeared— her dark clothing in the night made her appear half there–face bobbing glowing inside the scarf– came up to me in my car caught me off guard the way she came up to my window–

please brother– Assalamu-alaikum– I roll my car window down or maybe I didn’t can’t remember maybe just talked to her through the cracked window – I say “Waalaikumassalam” — do you have money for food?– she said something like that and makes the gesture with her hand the eating gesture lifting her hand to her mouth. maybe she was holding a sign too didn’t read the sign just watched her hand go to her mouth– “money for food??”  I say  — yes she said– “to eat?” –yes–well I’m shoving my hand in my pocket knowing I just gave the last $5 to my brother for pizza but hoping maybe to find the truth there…or maybe just digging in my pocket for the sake of digging — maybe she’s divorced– “well i don’t have any cash”–  ok brother thank you *inshaAllah— she said maybe something like that she grabs her son’s hand or maybe it ain’t her son and they go disappearing falling into the dark– maybe she’s a widow–

I was sitting there feeling something so I drove around and there they were– almost out of sight it seemed in the middle of the parking lot but they reappeared bobbing, half there– I did some awkward maneuvering with my car to turn around in a tight spot and they were bobbing around in some darkish corner of the parking lot– I called the boy and he comes running over… and I ask “do you speak english” and he says yeah and the woman or the girl comes up and I ask “will you be here i’ll bring some money– wait here” and  she says ok or inshaALlah or something else or maybe nothing else, can’t remember maybe her husband made her come out there.

I drove off and see a blond girl sitting there in front of the mosque as all the people are pouring out– she was just sitting there on the curb looking lost and she looks up at me so I waved and she waved back– maybe it’s a scam maybe she’s a scam artist playing on people’s sympathies but then maybe it’s all one big scam in some way or another when you think about it–  but the Prophet never questioned he just gave when he was asked, wow-that’s real  doesn’t matter anyway if it’s all a scam it’s the intention right? — I drove to the atm got some money- not much- and I drove back and found my brother walking and I started asking him “hey did you see a….” and I as I said that there they were–the woman or girl and the boy sitting there almost out of sight again half gone again then they reappeared–and I gave the money to my brother through the car window because he was closer to the boy and weird how he happened to be walking right there right then in-between me and the woman or girl and boy sittin there half vanishing–maybe it was something maybe it was nothin– and my brother hands it to the boy and he gave it to the woman or girl whoever she was– so then she says to me, or my brother, or both of us, or neither of us, “inshaAllah, inshaALlah–“and they seemed to me to be disappearing right there and I said “inshaAllah” and i drove off

-and maybe if you had asked around maybe would have found out something I didn’t like something about that woman or girl and that boy didn’t want to know didn’t need to know  maybe I wouldn’t have maybe they came down that night to see some things and maybe they saw maybe not

maybe they were angels– maybe they were human–maybe it doesn’t matter —


* inshaAllah is an arabic word that means “if God wills”


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  • anounamys says:

    I remember a similar night the guilt, shuddered through my body when she came to me. I remember everyone ignoring her. And I just watched, and watched hoping she would not come towards me because I had no money to give. That night the guilt was unbearable I knew I should have offered her anything. At least I smiled, maybe that made a difference. I’ll I ask for is forgiveness

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