on pain

August 10, 2011 § 11 Comments

Pain is purifying. Pain is purifying for a believer.

pain is to blossom as broken egg to omelette  –
pain is as pawn-into-king-or-queen  as wing to bird
as chisel and stone tablet-
as key is to chains that bind you to a false image that pain came to dash into a thousand pieces
against a Perfect Polished Reality of Realities
pain came to free you to find you you to allow you to see you
in all of your beautiful weakness

-that you might remember things forgotten
that you might Submit

pain is to learn yourself through means you would never elect on your own—
a way of growing that would be foreign to the human should we be left to our own devices

even now as i write this-
i must remind myself that despite my absolute belief in these words
that when pain strikes
i will be reminded of how much i do not like it
to say that “pain is not easy to bear”
would be an understatement
as it stares you deep in your inner eye-
grabs you by the shoulders
and shakes you, reminds you- “this ain’t Heaven”

a bitter medicine
that can cure a disease that who knew was there
To explore the crevices to remove things within yourself that,
“why who had any idea that was there?”
how else would “that” be exposed and uprooted?

Within it can be found the peace of life,
within it can be found this piece of coal under the pressure of ten million pounds of earth preparing it that it may give birth to a diamond that resides inside awaiting to burst forth how else would one discover what worth one had without the test of such weight such feats?

its existence improbable impossible without that is what it means to bear the weight of life

pain is to you- as heat to metal
removing impurities
the metal must be treated- heated to extreme degrees to be prepared to be cast
as an unyielding sword in the face of life like “en garde”

our metal preparing to be cast as an unyielding sword in the face of life like “en garde”

“We do not impose on any one any more than they can stand.” The Qur’an, Surah Mu’minun: verse 62


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§ 11 Responses to on pain

  • B says:

    I like the new design.

  • Belal says:

    thanks bud, i got a link to kamau and you as well.

  • am says:

    When I planted my pain in the field of patience it bore fruit of happiness. -Khalil Gibran

    I like the new design, too. White is the new black.

    • that is a great insightful Khalil Gibran quote, one of my favorite authors–everyone should read his ‘the prophet’ (i’m sure you have). How is the art coming? I’ve always liked the newspaper pieces you did–they’ve got a lot of potential for an important narrative/series.

  • mallickart says:

    Actually, I’ve never read it. Perhaps one day, def.

    Yea, you know I try to scan the newspaper for things that will inspire me. Actually, a lot of stuff has but it’s been all digital media. I wanted to do something with the Somali crisis, but my local newspaper had a very lame blurb about it.

    I’m in grad school ( for physician assistant), so the art has not been coming along. But I have lots of ideas occupying my right brain..insha’Allah, I hope to get it all down in the near future.

    • I highly recommend ‘the prophet.’ I understand about having to exert your efforts elsewhere at the moment–hope you get around to being creative and expanding on some of those great ideas at the right time!

  • mallickart says:

    just bought it $2.99. free shipping. Nice background, this one is it.

  • thebeautyfall says:

    This is beautiful!
    I hope this touches the hearts of your readers… that it helps them to see pain in this light, as an edifying tool of God, worthy of thanksgiving!

    I can often let go of feelings of resentment when I’m honest enough with myself to admit that a trial of less greatness wouldn’t have been effective. 🙂

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