The nature of Doubt.

August 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

One syllable.
Five letters.
Heavy as chains and fetters.
Derived from the latin ‘dubitare’
its point blank in the face—stare, not backing down do you dare stare back?
dare to bear the facts to take its burden off your back
dare not crumble under it?
can’t say myself I never numbed from the sum of it and I know some of it
can’t say I never went numb from under it nor fumbled under it
never trembled like a leaf in the storm and thunderous
cant say the weight of five letters never got the better of me
never chained and fettered me overfilled me can’t say never
can’t say I  never went numb from the sum of its effects
got to let it go

its the cloud that surrounds like dolby stereo
seeking to give you an earlier burial
enwrapping enfolding bellowing very high very low
it’s a wall that some have elected to drag to and fro
putting in their path everywhere they go
ensuring they can’t pass it
gripping it so tight that their knuckles turn bone stone white
have to let it go oughta let it go

it’s the concrete in the shoes you cant move as fluid as you could without it
doubt– it’s
the cinderblocks in the socks that keep you glued to the same spot—
and the spot is the box that’s imaginary that you drew around yourself
but its so REAL by now because you’ve let it become so in order to reverse that
all you have to do is

let it go. let it go.


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