the show MUST go on…

August 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

Lookin at the world thru these filters,
helter skelter isn’t so bad from inside of these shelters.
The acid rain that pelts the— melts the man
almost looks funny if you squint from inside these shelters
from behind these candid cameras with closed shutters
And as we milk the udders of this mad golden cow
the blood that pours forth looks pure somehow.
Somehow rocket ships filled to the brim with clips of apocalypse sounds pleasant from the right lips.
Newsclips of bombs over some distant city Baghdad
it doesn’t look half bad kinda like fireworks exploding a grab bag.
The thick glass that surrounds helps to drown the sounds out.

The show must go on.

The machines that build the machines that program the robots that provoke the warlocks into action divided into factions plus the subtraction of intellectual properties substituted with rocket piss and a desire for monopoly total hypocrisy one face exchanged for another as quickly as a handshake bitter enemy to lover to hate and back at the drop of a hat.  Black cats and witchcraft and magic beanstalks fiends walk near and far and clips loaded wit bullets christened in the name of the stars.

The show must go on.

I been listenin so long that Im believing the lies.
How can’t I go on? How can’t I go numb? How can I go numb? How do I Get a handle All thumbs and all the thumbs is up all I hear is redrum all I see is heads hung in the bottom rung to the top rung.
the show must go on. Bring it on.

Let freedom ring it on. Sing the same songs. Everybody scream At the top of your lungs. The show must go on. The show must go on for sure- fa show. We mourn and we go on keep blowing on the same old horns the same old ways born again quarantined nothing seems the same I rub my eyes waitin for this mirage to disappear outta my face But I go none.

This is blood for blood till there aint none left
The show must go on.


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