Freedom in Enslavement-Enslavement in Freedom

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is Freedom in some Enslavement and there is Enslavement in some Freedom

what part needs starving what part need feeding
what need starting and what need leaving by the wayside
as these days- by-pass

in an eye blink

what weapon to be dulled and what weapon to be sharpened with the passing moment
priceless components
with the passing moment darkened or lightened
commaed or hyphened deathened or lifened decisive decisions
multiplied by divisions
notice or not  we are contributing to or detracting from some sum some total
some whole or some hole
never remaining static never remaining in one state closer to or further from
some mark some aim —known or not
spark  to flame –or spark extinguished you choose the finish
in this choose your own adventure to the epicenter the epilogue
sometimes gain is to loss as loss is to gain
so the question is what to subtract from what to contribute to and how heavy to make what

The irony of opting to keep diligence on a mantlepiece
as some trophy to be polished and passed around every so often
instead of banging that piece until the candle melts
until the coffins bared

spines aligned with A Cosmic Order

“Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labor hard”


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