Let them

December 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

I SAY Let them think you are weak. let them. They don’t have to know you are strong right now. They will know when when it is time for them to know. They haven’t earned the right to know. And every moment that passes, that they believe you are weak, you are, in reality, gaining, gathering, building. You are in reality.  Those who are most important know and recognize the truth of the matter, and those who lack the ability to discern—  let them think your inaction stems from inability, that your inaction stems from an inability to act. let them make the mistake… for what is it that you lose in their thinking that for the time being? let them eat their cake they will come to stare at the empty plate and realize they couldn’t have both.  let them think your limbs are powerless. let them think they dominate you. The possum.  And every moment that passes. The possum.

Let them think they’ve won some victory. petty victories are for the petty.  let the fools fool themselves let them blind themselves because it’s what they’re best at.  it’s what they have mastered, and if they want to come out of it they will be brought out of it…. if they want to come out of that narrow and congested dimly lit place they have been dwelling then so be it…and if they don’t want to be brought out of it then they still may be brought out of it by your own hand at that time… then so be it…

but why rush to cater to them. they are in that position because they like it there. or it’s suited for them, or whatever it is.  all will come to see. wait. wait. wait. what is it that you lose when you know the truth is that you are simply restraining yourself waiting for that moment that precise moment that moment of discretion that open window where you will shoot a hole through the eye of the needle when you are directed when you feel it is time when sagacity has been gained and now you are ready to show them and they are ready to be shown. wait for the harmony. Timing is everything.

Many times the greater power is in NOT showing, in not revealing, in concealing—-not deceiving, no please don’t mistake it for deceiving.  And don’t let them deceive you into believing it’s about deceiving.  Leave the deceiving to them-let them deceive themselves.   embrace the strength that is within withholding–that is saving something for yourself.

Let patience conquer you.

Nothing will stop what is going to happen from happening. Nothing will stop what is going to happen from happening. Not them. Not you. The staff was thrown and the deceptions were swallowed and those who knew, they knew. and those who denied, they came to know.
let them think you are weak. let them sleep let them sleep.
let them pay no heed.

Let patience conquer you.


what we are

December 1, 2011 § 6 Comments

we are all essential ingredients—
radiant sons and moons and daughters of stars
ripples from a stone dropped in a body of water
holy parts
effects upon one another immeasurable
attempts to avoid make it more inevitable
it becomes that we shall meet one another
we are descendants of destined matters of fact or fiction intermingled with
spirits and mind over matter or matter over mind somewhere buried under the rubble of it all

we are guests in  these bodies
ghosts in shells
hosts awaiting awakening

are we bandits who made off with these secrets squandered for trifling gains–
and have given little in return???
we are grains of sand slipping through the fingers of the hands of time.

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