what if..

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

what if your soul drift to realms when you sleep

what if you lived in a fantasy world
and everything thou ate was just insanity pills diet
what if vanity killed on the spot
what if calamity peeled of its powder-keg outershell
was a plot of shade to douse a cloud of hell
now think twice about that.
i been sinking in my skin since I was round twelve
now how deep are you willing to delve into these issues before us?

what if you think you’re free but really you’re just a slave to your lower self
and it’s just steadily getting deeper as we go further into Plato’s Cave
as the days pass

what if you could swap souls and control centers
with a member of the opposite gender
and ask one question–

what if one day I learned the true meaning of selfless
an act that is truly done for the sake of someone else and not just for the pleasure of myself
what if almost everything you believe is almost a lie and you’re the one responsible for believing it
based on a series of  transformations of impulses into thoughts into actions called free will
hard to swallow and its hard to follow a bad act with a good cause its a circus in this neck of these woods

what if the man you always lended your ears to turns out he was just looking to tug on your heart strings for the time being out of a lack of concern for your well being and nothing better to do
meanwhile what if the man you spat on could’ve saved you—
but you frowned. You frowned.

what if you’re just fumbling in the dark with a handful of thumbs, grabbing the leg of an elephant and the next man’s got the trunk and the next one the tusk
and since the dawn of man till the dusk
same story till we fell to dust in the blink of an eye
what if all of this porcelain tissue that we’re buried under isn’t the issue

what if all this stuff that that’s there turns out that it ain’t so there after all
what’s if it’s all really just a bunch of layers of atoms –which are mainly made of space and air in the first place—
which means all this we’re looking at is literally a bunch of nothing
wait a minute….

and what if all that nothing is just a vase
a vase for something that evades typical sensory perception—
too concrete to comprehend
something that holds the weight of that moment danielson caught
a fly with a bare hand in a vacant room
now that’ll make a mind do the matrix spoon


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