just recompense (for the people of the land of the sun)

February 21, 2012 § 3 Comments

I bled this lead poem
from a third eye
from the dark side of an eclipsed solar disc
knowing it would shine again because an eclipse can’t last
and scribbled on the walls of the 69th cell in permanent red ink
like the author of the Algerian National Anthem before he escaped
and this was hurled and heard like mangled pieces of invisible shrapnel
but it ain’t just recompense

I don’t consider this just recompense
for brethren picking through mounds of rubble that used to be a home before missiles struck
twice in the same place like haywire lightning
in search of a baby sister
while the world watched did nothing for reasons that don’t make sense to me
hidden in plain view by
Mr. Sinister behind the podium standing at the center of the winter solstice
tryin to steal the sun from its land
telling the world with the forked thing between his jaws that he is not the maestro of a crazed Coliseum
with the forked thing between his jaws with a taste of blood for his own people

oh people of the land of the sun
an eclipse don’t last forever

I don’t consider this just recompense
because stories were distorted by the headlines to help fit them on one line to speed across the bottom of television screens
in order to make room for some photoshopped face celebrity latest break-up story
to appease devastated attention spans and boost ratings
in order to feed hypnotic conditions

so by the time I caught ear of it
the victims were the villains
and the sky wasn’t falling
and the one who’d sold the fangs to the fox in the first place was made to be the hero

What could be just recompense
for children missing for months
seized by shadows and
when they finally were sent home -the fingernails extracted from their fingers
came home wiser to the ways of the world than old men
came home with the lights in their eyes dimmed like
flashlights on the verge of burning out
and the worst of their wounds from
invisible shrapnel that hit them and they bled lead poems
that no one would ever see or hear

how could this bear witness
for one man from the land of the sun
that lay dying from shrapnel
who witnessed the event
of an unknown man in white– bright as the winter sun he had to squint
descending on him with glad tidings
that the eclipse would end
and the sun would shine again
and prophecy cannot be undone
enough to make that witness that lay dying smile

the witnesses of the witness testify he was squinting
like one staring into the eye of the sun
and he was smiling.

oh people of the land of the sun
an eclipse cannot last forever.



February 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

I supplicate this suffocate me.

I supplicate this suffocate you.

to take this illusion of air

that fills my body

infuses my limbs with

convoluted illusions of breathing
that suffocate.

you see
all this “air” we’ve convinced ourselves that
we’re used to breathing–
it is choking us.

I’ve convinced myself I’m living
fooled myself into thinking this is living
convinced myself that
this repeated inhaling and exhaling
is enough to count me amongst the living.

 but calling it “swimming”

when actually drowning

does not change what it is

does not change what is happening.

calling “drowning” “swimming”

does not change the reality.

I supplicate this suffocate us
I supplicate to resuscitate us.
to see what breathing is.

Many people have become 3-dimensional shadows
I myself come in and out of it
I used to sit and wait
For the wrong shadows to respond

I supplicate this suffocate us
and then I supplicate
to resuscitate us.


the Heart–audio

February 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

This piece is best with headphones or good speakers!
Throughout the ages the heart has served as symbol for many attributes – of love, feeling and emotion, spirit, courage, honor, kindness, mercy. A palpitating paradoxic, simultaneously strong and weak. Microcosm of the universe. The seat of secrets. What depths it holds. what knowledge it contains. A type of knowledge needed now as much as it has ever been needed before….and at the same time something that has been all but forgotten, abandoned…. we have to learn how to listen to it again.

This is “the Heart.” an audio piece that I spent a great deal of time thinking about in an effort to try to do it justice.  Can’t say I have. Hope that something in this speaks to your heart.


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