modern ancient

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

The old world order
The new world order is built on
the slaughter of the lambs
the spilling of the blood on the lands on the pavement
it must be believed its a purifying agent.

It is done as the ancients done synchronized
with Mayan and Aztec mechanics
it must be believed that It atones sins, the way it is done.
It must be believed it keeps the ranks in their proper placement and the act is sacred
they say without words
“Approach the sacred altar with the offerings”
throw them on the pyre force feed to the fire
and pry your jaws wider because the fire is us.
Inside of us.
And the smoke of smoldering bodies rise up like the phoenix.

Trail of its ash cascading black blanket cast itself over earth
Twisted comfort
Trying holding the earth hostage holding the earth under its spell
the spell that men cast on themselves allow to be cast on themselves
enchanted by the furious shaking of the charred remains
in this snowglobe


Metal of the fork hitting the teeth

innocent sheep shoved in by the heaps the weak the wolf pack fighting over the last piece of meat pick your teeth with the bone splinters bleached white by the summer sun for some its winter for most.

Two extra mouths replace the eyes
feast them on and on the appetite grows.


Picking teeth with a broken wish bone brimstone
It never felt so good to be
To be the piece of meat that the dogs fight over
To be the dead mangled dog whose white teeth Jesus marveled over
To be or not to be.
Oh, to be the bone till its picked clean white bleached from the sun!!
bone white bleached from the sun!!

“Hack them to dust…”
“bomb them to the stone age…”
“collateral damage”
eye for an eye archaic justice mantra what nobody believes in but practice fervently in the same sentence


Sword swallower metal rusty medallions lost their shimmer
men that lost their glimmer from the post nuclear winter.
Once polished men that lost their glimmer in their eyes

glimmer in their eyes dulled from the lullabyes.
Children lay making snowangels in the ash
Ash of the phoenix that rose
from the ash covers all.


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