Sight beyond Sight

April 3, 2012 § 1 Comment


 The transparency of this overwhelming opacity.  How can one look at something so opaque and see right through it? How can one show sight clearly when everything becomes so nebulous, at one moment clear the next not? For the time being that is, until the day when all of this would seem like a day or a part of a day, that day when the veils are lifted and the sight is keen?  How far can one go and not move from the square one stands in? What is it to look?  What is it to see? What is it to perceive? The challenge is to look. The challenge is to see. To see the way children see.  To perceive.  What is the difference between looking and seeing and perceiving?

By that, I mean to take advantage of the two little organs that are plugging those sockets, those voids those holes in the skull rolling about hardly pausing too busy scanning gathering collecting the external environment capturing light rays of various lengths that criss-cross as they pass through the corneas in various amounts, various layers, depending on the level of dilation of the iris which depends on a number of factors none of which most people think about twice in a lifetime, into the retinas, upside down because don’t forget that the light rays were criss-crossed as they went into the cornea, back to the optic nerve that sends it to the brain combining two separate images that came in through those two organs that are plugging those voids and turns them right side up again, now registered as “visual stimuli” triggering senses reactions thoughts feelings emotions potentially activating areas of the mind you never thought twice about both old and new ones and the synapses are firing off left and right and middle depending on whether the visual stimuli has been previously experienced in that case it opens up some file or chamber or passage where the experience of that particular thing is located which then opens up a series of other files based on whether it is associated with pleasure or displeasure or neutral or other which may lead to memories which may lead to thoughts which may lead to feelings or  emotions which may lead to other bodily reactions and so on, or perhaps it is a new file in that case it will be a slightly different process in any case chambers are opened and closed in an endless process that happens constantly in just splits of seconds and it is a process that is more nonlinear and cyclic than linear if one thinks about it, more give and take, in that you are taking from the world and giving back and taking and giving pushing and pulling as the muscles of the eyes contract and that happens as often as the eye moves which is a lot seeing as the eyes don’t stay still for very long in their respective sockets and most never thought about it once in a lifetime.

Look again.

I challenge myself to look again to turn the bloody thing upside down and right side up again like the eyes do a billion times over without even being asked until the thing is no longer what it was when this began and yet still is in some way reminiscent of that but forever changed based on the fact these eyes have fallen upon it at this particular moment in time and based on the fact these particular eyes have fallen upon it as opposed to some other eyes for some other eyes would change it in a different way unique in its own right.

How far beyond can the eye penetrate and see nothing? To break something apart. to dissect it to bits and dissect those into bits and dissect those into bits and those into bits and those into bits  until you are looking at molecules atoms the very atoms that the universe is comprised of now blink and you are looking at the universe in an atom and you never really thought about it the very elements that are underneath this thing I am enamored by. The threads that if you were to chase them, to sustain the act of pulling upon them for long enough you would feel that the whole bloody thing would come unraveling yes eventually the whole bloody thing would come unraveling but somehow it just keeps going back around twisting and spiraling and giving and taking expanding contracting from clarity to formlessness to nebulousness and that is how transparency falls into opaqueness and back.

And so look again.


“Blessed is he who sees with the heart, but the heart is not with what he sees.”-Jesus

“there’s smoke in my iris…so I painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids…” Aes


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