The Wolves Teeth

April 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

Extracted straight from the mouth of the big bad wolf like dr. desoto because sometimes that’s what’s life’s quests requires. and huffing and puffing and blowing his house down because that’s the way life cycles.

‘The Wolves Teeth’ is the beginning of the narrative that unfolds in a frantic semantic landscape. The dismantling and reconstruction for the search of Truths sake. and the ending. And the inbetween twist together. It is beauty in difficulty and difficulty in beauty. Metaphors and symbols that transform in the head and in the hand, multiplying, converging and diverging. It explores the complicated relationships between myself (myselves) and yourself (yourselves) and the others. between brilliance and nonsense. between strength and fragility, comedy and tragedy, reality and absurdity.

headphones are recommended.

please click the thumbnail below for an enlarged view of the artwork.


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