Some Parts of Wisdom

May 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Knowing when to speak and when to keep silent is difficult, but great
Knowing that everyone should not and cannot be spoken to in the same way, and changing the way you address different people doesn’t *necessarily make you unreal, fake, imaginary, etc.
Knowing that saying what’s on your mind at any time doesn’t *necessarily make you “real”
Knowing that being human is a very complicated and non-static thing
Knowing that everything isn’t for everyone
Knowing that you could offer a word to a certain person at the right time and change their direction 180 degrees
Knowing that you could offer a million words to that same certain person at a different time and have no effect
Knowing that sometimes you might have to say those words to that certain person, regardless
Knowing that you could do nothing and it could work out
Knowing you could do everything and it could still never work out—- and to not become bitter, hard-hearted or overly cynical during the process may be difficult, but beneficial, and does not necessarily translate into naivety
Knowing that things “working out” isn’t necessarily “working out”
Knowing that the world does not perfectly fit into the conventional binary of “good, evil” no matter how much easier it seems to make things
Knowing that there are infinitesimal worlds in this world, each containing infinitesimal stations, that people are all at their own stations, and that they arrive at wherever they are to arrive at the time they should, not when anyone else thinks that they should
Knowing that on some level, everything is truly in its right place, even the wrong things

Knowing that you truly know nothing about how all of it works and not being afraid to admit it.


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