the spirit clad

July 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

this is no time for insensitivities

we will unzip these inhibitions and step out of gravity

We will Undress our restlessness and heart-pierce fiercely with what we’ve salvaged

We shook the fear off us like a bad daydream

The medicine was in the thump of our pulse the whole time!!

We will Undress our rest-

In pieces

and mend the pieces new like joints joined sinews until you can’t tell us apart

we’ve been kept long enough encased in these carcasses

see them expanding at the seams pregnant with us overdue

we’re sick of being fed false insecurities and false securities

sick of dining on complacence

we will strip ourselves barren till no petals remain on the stem

we will hem hymns


the love we want is not a pampering one

the love we want is one that will exorcise the ego out us

do you see these cupped hands?


we won’t die young for plastic parts

the spirit clad

we beat the heavy trunks of the metal forest with will until it cried splinters

til the bows broke til the spells broke til the yokes split and our furrowed brows broke and smiles poured out all over us out onto you


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