The Alchemist (New Art/Audio)

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d like to share my latest audio/art endeavor entitled¬†The Alchemist.¬† Alchemy is an old tradition in which it is believed that one substance can be transformed into another. In The Alchemist, I explore the idea that all humans are alchemists, in their amazing ability to transform thought into words and speech, that in turn impact and transform the world(s) on a number of levels— and the great responsibility that comes with it.

The Alchemist
(click to view larger image)

(headphones are recommended for listening)
written and performed by Askia Bilal
Produced by Tom Halpin

If you like it, you can purchase on itunes or amazon:
The Alchemist on Itunes
The Alchemist on Amazon

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