March 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

when Your health fails priorities crystallize—
“Get well”
no more pin ball machine life wandering through day mazes
the latest craze You could care less now
You pay attention to minutia:
how easily people suck air in
how they climb stairs tie shoes lift forks and stuff their faces
in between their list of complaints
You reminisce on the time when that was You
it’s the simple things now
You see ants in a new light
You count the number of heartbeats in between random events
You marvel at Your veins
pushing quarts of blood through You
You wonder how it’s possible that You think
without even thinking about it
You don’t feel like saying much
because much of what You say isn’t much You’ve decided
You laugh at how oblivious You are
at how weak You are
how fortunate
You think about all the things that could have possibly gone wrong
at Your conception Your birth
and You can’t for the life of You figure out
how so few things actually did
and You weep
from the sheer weight of it.


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