desert conscience part 1

May 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

the fire that wanders us

desert conscience searching for a burning bushel

in the lost words of prophets

in a broken promised land jamming myself to rags

over lost false profits

pondering the cost of coffins of infants sitting upon a pile of em

hand wrapped around 17 serpentine concubines

reality’s a porcupine acupuncture set

and if you don’t insert the accurate needle in the back

you’re just another golden strand of hay trapped in a stack of needles

intoxicated off a whiff of the petri dish —lost sons of Prometheus

the right amount of poison is medicine

and the wrong amount of medicine is poison-

can’t ignore this burning sensation

This dry scorching climate is perfect for cynical laughing at slow dying

Stomach churning like an ancient furnace

thirsty for something to burn

but finding nothing but itself


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