we are many

May 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

We are one person but we are many people

when we allow our lower selves

to take charge

then we lose


when we allow our angellic selves, the one capable of reason and logic and great things, to take charge then we start taking over

but when we allow our whiny selves, the one that wants to sleep all day and pout and eat and give into every desire


I had a dream once

I was sitting at a desk

next to myself

the dude was me but


an ugly version

it was my lower self

he was dressed just like me

but he was lazy

and sinister

and while we were sitting there

he was trying to take up all the space

like deebo the table

so i had to check him

put him in his place

make him get out of my way

and he did

and he smiled

cuz I showed him who was in charge

still gave him his room but only where it helped me.

and he liked that

because he was waiting on me to take charge

that ain’t me though brother, picked that up along the way

just found it to be true is all

from days researching the scholars

and observing myself

thing is though

they are muscles

the lower self and the higher self

they’re like muscles


if you dont USE your higher self often

it atrophies

it’s weak

it’s gotta be strengthened

and if you spend all your time building up your lower self then it’s stronger


Chat Conversation End


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